Would you like to be involved in meetings with your legislators?

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Not everyone is able to go to Olympia. But there's still a way you can be involved: through our Legislative Education Groups (or LEGs). LEGs is an effective way for you and other members to sit down and talk with the legislators in your district in a comfortable neighborhood setting. It's a great opportunity to meet and have a face-to-face conversation about what's important to you as a union member and public employee.


If you are interested in being involved, contact Richard Burton at 206-242-4777 ext. 20 and he'll schedule a LEGs meeting in your district. Several are planned between now and the time the legislative session begins, which is Jan. 12.

Shown in photo: Lynne Dodson (AFT Seattle CCs), Representative-elect Reuven Carlyle, Amy Kinsel (Shoreline CCFT), Bernal Baca (AFT Washington), Ron Schwartz (Pierce College), Anita McEntyre (Shoreline CCFT), and Jeff Johnson, State Labor Council.