Sign these Petitions to Support Teachers and Students

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Sign these peitions to ask state legislators to invest in our community and technical colleges and expand access to Public Student Loan Forgiveness!


Respect Students and Educators To Build A Better Future (Incl. Increasing Wages)

As frontline education workers and students at our Community and Technical Colleges, we know that working conditions affect learning conditions. Over the last two years, we have endured a pandemic that is still radically changing the way we teach and learn. We’ve seen decreasing student enrollment, increasing job insecurity, and a radically different and constantly shifting teaching and learning environment. The pandemic has unequally affected communities of color across the state, as well. Our legislative priorities must address these complex issues. We depend on our legislators to make sure our education system meets the needs of its workers and students.

We are calling on our legislators to ensure that education workers can afford to live in the communities they teach and work in by increasing wages in 2022 and supporting faculty pay equity in the 2023 legislative session. We are at a key point in this year's session to let the legislature know that we need pay increases, funding for student support services, and better access to public student loan forgiveness.

Join us in signing this petition calling on our legislators to make investments in Community & Technical Colleges, our students, and us, the education workers who are fundamental to student success!


Public Loan Forgiveness

Take action by signing our letter to support expanding ease and access to Public Student Loan Forgiveness in our bill, SB 5847 (Liias, D- 21). The bill has not yet been scheduled for a public hearing and an executive session. The deadline to have those happen is quickly approaching. Please sign on to our letter to the chair of the committee, Senator Ormsby (D-48).

In addition to that action, as members of AFT, you know that everyone deserves affordable higher education. Right now E2SHB 1659 (Slatter, D-45) is at a critical point in the Senate Ways & Means Committee. This legislation expands the Washington College Grant and creates a bridge grant program in order to reduce barriers, improve opportunities and advance economic security for higher education students across the state. Sign in PRO to expand access to higher education.

The session is rapidly coming to an end, and these are some of our best opportunities to create meaningful change for Washingtonians in this session. Show your support for these priorities, and let the Legislature know that it matters to you!