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AFT’s Bridge to the Future campaign

Karen Strictland, AFT Washington President, visited our Executive Council on December 7, 2022, to report on this year’s legislative campaign. Here is a summary of AFT Washington's legislative request:

  1. Approximate 2023 COLA of 7.8%. A COLA increase is already written into legislation and should be automatic.

  2. 6.5% faculty salary increase each year of the biennium (a total of 13%).

  3. PT faculty pay equity 85% of the comparable FT faculty salary.

What we can do to support this agenda

Sign this petition. AFT hopes to have 1,000 signatures by early January to show strong support for these requests.

Participate in Lobby Day, February 20, 2023 in Olympia. Sign up here so AFT Washington knows you are coming. Sign up here so we can give you a ride!


A torrent of censorship

Nearly 250 years since our country’s founding, some Americans are still attempting to restrict others’ basic freedoms. In Florida and elsewhere, censoring books is part of larger efforts to exert greater control over and undermine education.

Key Documents Updated

June 5th, 2020 - Membership > Key Documents updated

We have updated the AFT Membership Application with the new Edmonds College logo and the latest EC AFT Bylaws document has been added. You can find these documents by selecting the MEMBERSHIP menu then selecting KEY DOCUMENTS. 

Feel free to contact us (About Us > Contact Us) if you have any questions or comments.