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Respect Students and Educators To Build A Better Future (Incl. Increasing Wages)

Lobby Day 2022: Join our Union in Building a Better Future

Throughout the last two years and especially this quarter, we have been dealing with an always shifting teaching environment which caused a great deal of strain and stress on us and our students. More than ever, we realize that work, life, and politics are intertwined. This is why winning SB 5194 was important. Because we organized support for this legislation, we gained significant funding for 200 new tenured faculty position across the state, a pilot program for student counseling, and more accountability on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at our colleges.

Retialiation - No Dues Deduction

This morning (3/7) extreme Lansing politicians are retaliating against an effort launched by teachers, nurses, and construction workers yesterday to amend the state constitution to protect collective bargaining rights and strengthen Michigan’s middle class.

Today the Michigan Senate retaliated by passing HB 4929, which would punish public school teachers, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers by placing burdensome new restrictions on the collection of dues that protect employees through collective bargaining agreements.  The bill would prohibit the use of payroll deduction for the collection of dues.  According to the nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency, HB 4929, “would have no significant fiscal impact on school districts.”  An amendment was put on the bill in committee that would allow payroll deduction if the union local reimbursed the cost to the school district, that reasonable amendment was taken out of the bill on the Senate floor. 

The bill now moves to the House.  Please, use your cell phone, and call your Representative on your lunch time or immediately after school today.  Ask them to vote NO on HB 4929, and if they are opposed to the bill, ask them try and stop the bill from taking “Immediate Effect.”  Click here to find your Representative.

Solidarity March at the Washington State Capitol

A contingent of AFT Washington members joined the rally on St. Patty's day to tell the governor and the legislature NO MORE CUTS to education, health care, and other social services and to CLOSE THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAX LOOPHOLES they give corporations so they pay their fair share.

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