AFT Local 4254 Supports Teachers and Students at Lobby Day 2022

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Members of the Edmonds College Federation of Teachers attended Lobby Day 2022 and spoke to legislators about legislation and budget items that will support teachers and students all over the state.  Union members Gabrielle McIntosh, Mary Whitfield, and Chuck Mueller spoke to aides for Rep. Tarra Simmons (LD 23) and Rep. Strom Peterson (LD 21) and also Sen. Marko Liias about the following topics:

  • Senate Bill 5847 which ensures that public employees have updated information from employers about Public Service Loan Forgiveness and applies a multiplier to hours for associate faculty to ensure that more associate faculty are eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.
  • A Cost-of-Living Adjustment budget item that is closer to the actual increase in the cost of living in Washington State.
  • House Bill 1659 which supports student success by providing funds for wraparound services like childcare, transportation, and health care.

Thanks to everyone who attended Lobby Day 2022 to support these initiatives.  Check out the screenshots of our meetings below.  If you would like to get involved in political advocacy with our union, please contact our union president at