Auditing Your Paycheck: AF and Moonlight

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Auditing Your Paycheck: Associate Faculty and Moonlighting Full-Time Faculty

If you are Associate Faculty or are a full-time faculty member who is moonlighting, you can find your contract using the following steps.

  1. Login to ctcLink.
  2. Click on Faculty Center.
  3. Click on Contract Info.
  4. Click on View Contract.

In your contract, you should look for the following information.

  • FTE %: This number is the percentage of a Full-Time Equivalent you are paid for at the college based on the classes you teach and other assignments you might have.  An FTE % of 20.000 means you have 0.200 FTE.  FTE for lab classes is different from lecture classes.  Clinic hours can make your FTE vary as well.  Make sure to learn how the FTE for your classes are calculated. 
  • Pay Schedule: The payment date and pay amount of each paycheck will be included in your contract.  You should verify that you are paid on the dates shown in the contract and that the amount you are paid is correct.

As of this writing, associate faculty have three different steps they can be paid at.

  • Step A: $15,428 for 1.0 FTE
  • Step B: $15,681 for 1.0 FTE
  • Step C: $15,933 for 1.0 FTE

The step you are paid at should be included in your contract.  If you multiply your FTE by the payment for your step, that will tell you how much you should get paid for the quarter.  Divide that by the number of paychecks you should receive for the quarter to determine your pay per paycheck.


If you are associate faculty member at Step B and are teaching a class with 0.333 FTEF, your quarterly pay should be 

0.333 * $15,681 = $5221.77

If there are six paychecks in that quarter, each one will be 

$5221.77 / 6 = $870.30

Associate faculty will sometimes not be paid for one pay period depending on the calendar.  For example, associate faculty will receive their first paycheck of Fall Quarter on Oct 10, not Sept 25.  For Spring Quarter, an associate faculty’s first paycheck is on Apr 25, not Apr 10.

A chart of pay dates for associate faculty can be found below.

You can find a link to the current salary scale for associate faculty and moonlighting FT faculty here.  The list of current pay dates for associate faculty can be found here.

You may also see listings for stipends or special assignment pay.  You need to keep track of what you should be paid for these activities and confirm that the payment is received.  This information is not itemized well on your paycheck, but here’s what the lines in the Hours and Earnings section of your paycheck mean.


If you have any other questions about your earnings, the collective bargaining agreement is a good place to start.  You may also contact the president of your union at