Summary Leave Balances

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Summary Leave Balances

Here we will focus on the Summary Leave Balances, which list the Sick Leave and Personal Leave that faculty earn.  An example can be seen below.

Sick Leave (SCK)

Full-time faculty earn 8 hours of sick leave per month from September thru June, or 80 hours per year.  Associate faculty earn 8 hrs * FTEF as indicated on your contract.  Sick leave is posted on the paycheck you receive on the 25th of the month.  Sick leave does not need to be taken 8 hours at a time.  You only need to use sick leave for the hours of work you miss.  When you retire, you can use sick leave to pay for your medical premiums at $0.25 for every dollar at your current rate of pay.  You may also donate sick leave to other faculty dollar for dollar.

Personal Leave (PERS)

Every full-time faculty member has 16 hrs of personal leave. This does not accumulate, meaning if you do not use it by the end of the year, it disappears. Personal days must be taken in 8 hour blocks.

How to Audit your Sick Leave

HR has been currently having some issues with giving faculty the proper amount of sick leave.  Here’s how you can audit your sick leave to verify that you have been paid all the sick leave you have earned.

  1. Find the amount of hours you had before the CTCLink conversion.
    1. Go to the archived Earning and Leave site and log in using your old EMPLID and PIN:
    2. Select Leave Balances.
    3. Find your ending balance. No matter what date it says at the top, this will be your balance as of the 2/10/21 paycheck, right before the conversion. Take a screen capture and save it. 
  2. Log in to CTC Link and find your 2/25/21 paystub.
    1. Look in the bottom left box for sick leave. The beginning balance on that stub should match the ending balance from the archived Earnings and Leave site. 

You should have earned 8 hours on 2/25/21.  You should also have earned 8 hours on the 25th of every month, excluding summer if you did not work in summer.  All faculty who taught summer quarter should have earned sick leave.

Possible Discrepancies

Many faculty did not earn leave on 9/25/21. Many FT faculty did earn 8 hrs on 7/25/21 when they should not have because they were not working in summer. Check each paystub for the calendar year and note any discrepancies.  

My Sick Leave has Mistakes!  What Now?

  • Sit tight for now. The college says they are aware of the problem and are going to fix it. 
  • Make sure you know exactly what you are owed (if anything) so you will know if the problem is fixed correctly. 
  • Keep detailed records so that you can verify that the problem has been resolved.  



If you have any other questions about your earnings, the collective bargaining agreement is a good place to start.  You may also contact the president of your union at