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Hours and Earnings

Hours and Earnings

You can find an overview of what every part of your earnings statements means at the link provided.  Here, we will focus on the Hours and Earnings section, an example of which is shown below.

Full Time Faculty Contract: Annual pay divided by either 19 or 24.

Associate Faculty Contract: Quarterly pay (see contract in ctcLink)

Other Special Contract: Pay for hours you completed on Special Assignment Pay.  The pay rate should be $40 per hour.

Compensable Sick Leave: The amount of sick leave taken during the last pay period.  In the example above, 8 hours of sick leave was taken on an earlier pay period, but not in the previous pay period.  

Personal Paid Leave: The amount of personal leave taken during the last pay period.  Stipend: Pay for other events, such as attending a meeting.  The 1.0 in this entry does not mean anything.

Moonlight Contract: The amounts given on the Associate Faculty contract or the Moonlight contract for FT faculty.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when reviewing this list.

  • The Current column refers to what you have been paid for in the last pay period.  The YTD (Year to Date) column refers to what you have been paid in the last academic year.
  • Occasionally a pay rate is shown on the Compensable Sick Leave line.  The rate may fluctuate.  You may safely ignore it.
  • The descriptions for each line in this part of your earnings statement have been changing for the last year, and may continue to do so in order to increase transparency.  Check with your union if you have questions or concerns.
  • You need to keep track of any Special Assignment or Stipend Pay that you receive.  Check on a quarterly basis to ensure that you are paid for all the hours you have earned.  HR and Division staff are currently struggling to keep track of these hours due to ctcLink.

Stipend Pay

If you are associate faculty (or full-time faculty over the summer), you are entitled to stipend pay if you attend a meeting.  This money is not paid out at $40 per hour.  It uses the chart shown below.  


If you have any other questions about your earnings, the collective bargaining agreement is a good place to start.  You may also contact the president of your union at  

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