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Auditing Your Paycheck: Full-Time Faculty

How do I locate my paystub?

In order to audit your paycheck, you first need to know how to find your paystubs in ctcLink.  We’ll tell you how to do that here.  A list of your paystubs can be found using the following steps.

  1. Login to ctcLink.
  2. Select HCM Self-Service.

  3. Select Payroll.

  4. Select Paychecks.


When you are in the Paychecks section of ctcLink, you can click on the funnel to select a date and see your older paychecks.  The first paycheck recorded in ctcLink is for 2/25/2021, so you won’t be able to view paychecks earlier than that.  We recommend


Auditing Your Paycheck: Associate Faculty and Moonlighting Full-Time Faculty

If you are Associate Faculty or are a full-time faculty member who is moonlighting, you can find your contract using the following steps.

  1. Login to ctcLink.
  2. Click on Faculty Center.
  3. Click on Contract Info.
  4. Click on View Contract.

In your contract, you should look for the following information.

  • FTE %: This number is the percentage of a Full-Time Equivalent you are paid for at the college based on the classes you teach and other assignments you might have.  An FTE % of 20.000 means you have 0.200 FTE.  FTE for lab classes is

Hours and Earnings

You can find an overview of what every part of your earnings statements means at the link provided.  Here, we will focus on the Hours and Earnings section, an example of which is shown below.

Full Time Faculty Contract: Annual pay divided by either 19 or 24.

Associate Faculty Contract: Quarterly pay (see contract in ctcLink)

Other Special Contract: Pay for hours you completed on Special Assignment Pay.  The pay rate should be $40 per hour.

Compensable Sick Leave: The amount of sick leave taken during the last pay period.  In the example above, 8 hours of sick leave was taken on


Summary Leave Balances

Here we will focus on the Summary Leave Balances, which list the Sick Leave and Personal Leave that faculty earn.  An example can be seen below.

Sick Leave (SCK)

Full-time faculty earn 8 hours of sick leave per month from September thru June, or 80 hours per year.  Associate faculty earn 8 hrs * FTEF as indicated on your contract.  Sick leave is posted on the paycheck you receive on the 25th of the month.  Sick leave does not need to be taken 8 hours at a time.  You only need to use sick leave for the hours of work you miss.  When you retire, you can use sick leave to pay


How to Audit your Health Insurance, FSA, or HSA Amounts

Mistakes can also happen in the payment of your Health Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, or Health Savings Account.  Here’s how you can audit those earnings on your earnings statement.

  1. Know what your premiums are.
    1. You can look up the premiums for your medical plan at PEBB.
    2. You may have other deductions such as spousal surcharge or tobacco surcharge. Check these and make sure they are correct.
    3. Check your FSA/HSA deductions at the Navia website.
  2. Compare your premiums and deductions with your earnings statement.
    1. Premiums are monthly. Divide by

I’ve been overpaid!  What now?

As you audit your paycheck, you may discover that you have been paid more than your contract indicates.  In this section, we will discuss the laws that apply to this situation and what your rights are.

The Law

If you search for information on this issue, you may find WAC 296-126-030, which states that the employer has 90 days to find the overpayment, otherwise they cannot take the money back.  This regulation does not apply to public employers, so the 90-day time limit does not apply to employees of Edmonds College.

The college has two options for taking back the